MJ Ventures is a privately held company that focuses on performance marketing.

Founded in 2012, MJ Ventures (MJV) has been a dominant force in the performance marketing space. Its current assets are used to generate leads for companies in the insurance and injury law spaces.


With nearly 3 million sales calls generated for its buyer partners in the last 5 years, MJV has laid a foundation and is set to grow 20-fold over the next 5 years. Our relationships in the insurance and injury law spaces are larger than ever and our ability to monetize those relationships through the use of in-house software applications has just begun.


MJ Ventures, LLC Members



Injury Law

Mainly through the use of targeted TV campaigns, MJV drives thousands of calls to attorneys and law firms across the US with its owned and operated “Negligence Network” branded TV commercial. Most marketing campaigns target negligence at scale by way of multi-district litigation, known to those in the industry as “mass tort” campaigns.

MJV gives attorneys predictability with their advertising spend by charging law firms only when a certain event occurs. This is perfect example of performance marketing at its finest. MJV might run a national cable TV campaign for a law firm seeking Parkinson’s patients who were also exposed to a certain chemical while working on a farm. If that seems like finding a needle in a haystack, it is. But the payday is in correlation to the toughness to find the perfect cases for MJV’s partner law firms. And we’ve found plenty of needles in haystacks on cable TV, with the use of our in-house technology, throughout our existence.


Our book of accounts in the insurance space is huge. From auto, health, Medicare, life, to final expense insurance, MJV owns and operates 4 brands to generate inbound insurance sales calls. Most of the leads are generated by our O&O TV commercials. And there’s a long overdue change coming this year to how we sell calls to agencies.

The Malbis app, an app that we’ve built internally from the ground up, will go live this year. It’s the first of its kind. The Malbis app allows any licensed insurance agent or agency to buy inbound calls from MJV’s TV campaigns in an auction style format. Think Google but instead of search, consumers find our agency partners by cable TV (we tend to cater to the A 50+ audience, so this strategy should work for another 20-25 years). Agencies are able to bid up the market price for TV calls generated by MJV TV commercials. Once live, we expect the Malbis app to increase insurance-side revenue by 40% while incurring no additional costs. Applied to historical financials, we expect the Malbis app to drop an additional $4,000,000 per year to the bottom line.



The Negligence Network

MJV owns and operates the Negligence Network brand, whose purposes is to drive high quality, hard-to-find calls and leads to law firms across the US. On average, MJV produces around 5-7 new commercials each year under the brand. Each new commercial targets a different mass tort.

For example, Philips recently came under scrutiny as it produced defective CPAP machines, causing its users a variety of respiratory ailments. Law firms that have worked with us on other tort campaigns reached out and asked us to produce a Negligence Network commercial that targets CPAP users who’ve had respiratory issues. We produced the commercial, bought cable TV slots and generated 22,578 inbound sales calls over a 6 month period.


LawInvest.com’s purpose is to raise money for our mass torts ad campaigns. Although a few personal injury attorneys have hundreds of millions to spare towards advertising, the firms that work with us are, for the most part, are up-and-coming in the industry. They might have a million or two to invest in their ad campaigns, but that’s only good for a month or two in our world.

So we created LawInvest.com to allow accredited investors to earn high interest rate returns with very low risk. MJV does not take any lending fees from either LawInvest investors or attorneys. Instead, we’re just happy that we can continue to buy cable TV for our law firm clients using the proceeds of the loans.

Other Brands

We want to show off our creative side – what causes consumers to pick up the phone and make a sales call. But please know that this is not an all-inclusive list of MJV’s owned & operated marketing brands. Take a peek at a few of our brands’ TV commercials:

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Health Insurance America

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Negligence Network – CPAP Recall

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Asbestos Claims Network

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Bright Idea Dental

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Medicare Advantage

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Negligence Network – RoundUp Lawsuit

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Negligence Network – Talcum Powder



Injury Law Investments

MJ Ventures, LLC (MJV) is conducting a 506(c) debt offering to accredited investors. MJV uses it’s owned & operated website LawInvest.com to promote the offering. Our goal is to provide investors with the opportunity to invest into the relatively untapped market of injury litigation financing.

Our investment fund remains free from the influence of broader markets such as the stock market, the dollar value, crypto, and gold and precious metals. As long as attorneys profit from personal injury, your investment is sound.

Insurance Marketing Investments

MJV is also conducting a 506(c) equity offering to accredited investors interested in the long term insurance marketing industry. In contrast to the Injury Law Fund, the Insurance Marketing Fund allows accredited investors to own a part of the of the LLC that actively market insurance products. This is an amazing long-term play with relatively high quarterly distributions in a growing company.

For more information on either offering, including a 506(c) accredited investor questionnaire and PPM, please contact our CEO, Jason Bennett at 1-800-500-3222 x201.



MJ Ventures is here to answer your questions. Drop us a line via our form, give us a call or send us a note.

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